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Product Description

100% Italian organic whole wheat durum semolina. Macaroni product. Premium quality. USDA organic. Cooking time: 10 min. – Al dente: 8 min. Florence Italy. Certified organic by CCPB Srl. www.ccpb.it. Dispose of properly. Alma’s whole wheat & organic pasta is produced using 100% organic durum whole grain semolina mixed with pure spring water and slowly dried to enhance the taste of Italian wheat. Product of Italy. Imported from Italy. Manufactured and packed in Italy.


Prepare Perfect Pasta the Italian Way:
✔ For 16 oz pasta, boil at least 4 quarts water.
✔ Add salt to taste, if desired.
✔ Add pasta to boiling water.
✔ Stir gently and return to a boil.
✔ Cook uncovered, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes.

A shorter cooking time results in a more al dente (firm, but tender) texture. Drain well and serve with your favorite sauce. Buon appetito!